Logo & Identity

Berry undertakes branding projects; starting from the logo creation and the design of the corporate identity we set the foundations for building a brand. We can guide and support you in the development, integration and dissemination of the message of the brand to appropriate audiences.

Branding is “the promise taking place”; it is the total experience of the interaction of a consumer with a brand. It is about creating a unique relationship with the target audience in order to consider your brand as the optimal solution to their problem. A brand is not only a brand name or a logo; it is the sum of the promises and experiences that consumers acquire during their interaction with a product, service or firm.

Successful branding:

  • Provides clear messages
  • Builds credibility
  • Creates emotional associations
  • Provides motives of purchase to the consumers
  • Creates strong relations with consumers

Berry possessing knowledge, experience, creativity and fresh ideas guides its clients throughout the branding designing process in creating a unique end result. Starting from designing the fundamental elements, such as the logo and the corporate identity, integrates the message to all levels of communication in order to create a consistent and coherent image.