Promotional Services

Berry takes on promotional services choosing the appropriate means of communication, online or offline, for the appropriate audience. Understanding the customers’ needs, studying the products’ characteristics, researching the market and the competition, we create the communication message and propose the suitable promotional means in order to convey the message.

The selection of the appropriate promotional services helps in creating an effective product communication, constituting a competitive advantage over the competition. The aim of a communication strategy through the use of the appropriate promotional services is to increase the possibility that your message will reach the desired target audience, resulting in sales increase while creating a trusting relationship with consumers.

Aim of the promotional services is to:

  • Enhance product or service awareness and recognisability
  • Give a sales boost
  • Retain customers
  • Increase the product/service exposure
  • Contribute to the emotional bond creation between the audience and product

In Berry we analyze and design promotional services having fresh ideas, targeting in creating and strengthening the appropriate image of each product or service. Our company will assist you to evaluate the available promotional services and select those that are most appropriate for promoting your business.